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Covid-19: Information on the current situation

Last update: 14/01/2021

Dear customers,

In a holiday home you can travel more safely than in any other form of vacation! In many European countries, vacation in a holiday home is possible without any problems.

Please refer to the websites of the local tourism authorities of your destination or the Foreign Office in your home country for information on any requirements that may apply to your holiday home stay. The website reopen.europa.eu also provides a good overview.

Current notice: According to the current resolution of the German Federal Government, domestic tourist overnight stays in Germany are unfortunately not permitted until 31st January 2021.

We have also summarized answers to frequently asked questions below. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service on +49 211 668878-130 (Mon to Fri 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. CET). You can also send us an email to customerservice@atraveo.com. If you have a query about a current booking, please do not forget your inquiry or booking number in the subject line of the e-mail. This means that your message can be assigned directly to the correct process, which makes processing much easier for us.

At a glance: Your questions ÔÇô Our answers

1. Is a holiday home vacation safe?

Our clear answer is: yes! We are firmly convinced that, especially in a holiday home, you can currently travel more safely than with any other form of vacation. It is not traveling itself that carries the risk of infecting yourself or others, but your own behavior - and that applies to both at home and on vacation. Away from the crowd and into the private, individual, cozy, relaxing, carefree holiday retreat - this is what a holiday home offers you as your own home on vacation. Distancing from other travelers and the observance of hygiene measures is possible without any problems and the daily routine can be designed completely by yourself without, for example, being dependent on fixed meal times or organized excursions in groups. Recommendations for specific travel destinations depend on your exact wishes and ideas. Our tip for everyone who wants to be on the safe side: Decide on a local destination that can be reached with your own car.

2. Can my trip take place? Is my travel destination safe?

Detailed information on specific travel destinations or on the exact entry requirements of individual countries vary widely and can change from day to day. In some countries and regions it is currently possible to enter the country without any restrictions, while others require pre-registration before entry or a negative Covid-19 test on arrival. Please understand that we, as the broker for your holiday home booking, cannot give you any binding information for your exact holiday destination.

Before you travel, please make sure you find out about any requirements and regulations that may apply at your travel destination. The websites of the respective local tourist offices and tourism offices as well as the website reopen.europa.eu of the European Union. It can also be helpful to send an inquiry to your provider or contact person on site. You will receive the contact details with the travel documents that will be sent to you by email prior to arrival.

3. Can I cancel my booking free of charge because of Covid-19?

Cancellation free of charge due to Covid-19, for example because your travel area is considered a risk area, because you or a fellow traveler is sick with Covid-19, you are in quarantine at the start of your trip or you generally feel unsafe, is unfortunately not possible. Holiday home stays are individual tourist services for which a free cancellation or reimbursement is dependent on whether the accommodation can be provided by the provider in accordance with the contract or not. If you do not want to start your trip, you have the option to cancel in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the respective provider. However, if there is a travel warning or other official restrictions, a goodwill request can be made to the provider. We are happy to help you with this.

4. What if my trip cannot take place as planned due to the regulations in force at the destination?

If there is no officially issued ban on accommodation at your travel destination, you can generally travel. Local regulations, such as carrying out a Covid-19 test upon arrival, the registration of all fellow travelers, a ban on going out or recreational facilities, sights etc. that are only partially or not open on site are not an obstacle to the stay in itself being unable to take place . The same applies if only a certain number of people and / or households can be accommodated in the same accommodation at the same time at the travel destination, but you are planning to travel with a larger number of people and have registered this when booking. In this case, the stay can still take place, as the holiday home as such can still be provided and you can reduce the number of fellow travelers to the required minimum.

5. Who do I contact if I want to cancel?

Cancellations in accordance with the provider's general terms and conditions are to be sent by email to our customer service at customerservice@atraveo.com. For the calculation of the cancellation costs according to the general terms and conditions of the provider, the receipt of your e-mail with the clear cancellation request applies. Please note that your cancellation request must be clearly stated in the email. Please write the word ÔÇťcancellationÔÇŁ and your request number / booking number in the subject line of the email. This makes the internal assignment of emails much easier for us.

6. Where can I find an overview of the cancellation costs or the general terms and conditions?

The amount of cancellation costs differs from provider to provider. The cancellation cost scale applicable to your booking and the general terms and conditions of the provider of your holiday home were shown to you in the booking process before you completed your booking. You can call it up again when you go to the last booking step for your booked holiday home on our website. Please enter the number of the booked property in the search field and click through to the booking order (a travel date may have to be selected, but this does not affect the stated cancellation cost scale). There you will find the general terms and conditions of the respective provider with the corresponding cancellation cost scale. Alternatively, our customer service will of course be happy to help. For information about the amount of cancellation costs, simply send a request by email to customerservice@atraveo.com. Please remember to include your request number / booking number in the subject line of the email.

7. Do I still have to make my final payment, even if it is uncertain whether I can travel?

In any case, your final payment must be made by the specified date. Should there be a cancellation according to the general terms and conditions of the provider later, we will of course refund the difference.

8. How do I redeem my atraveo voucher / atraveo travel credit from my trip that was canceled in 2020 for a new booking?

To redeem a Villas voucher code, first book the desired holiday accommodation* on our website and enter the code in the comment field when booking. The booking then goes to our customer service and we then check the code for validity before we forward the booking to the landlord for confirmation. The amount of the voucher will be offset after the booking confirmation is issued. Should the full rental price be charged to your account or credit card in the meantime, you will receive the voucher amount from us as a refund as soon as possible.

* Please note: There are restrictions on some vouchers, so that, for example, only the holiday homes of a specific provider can be booked. Please check the conditions listed on your voucher and, if in doubt, ask our customer service before booking. They will also help you to search specifically for offers from a particular provider.


On this page we will keep you informed about current changes. Further information on developments and the measures taken to prevent further spread of the coronavirus can be found on the websites of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Federal Foreign Office, the European Union, the Robert Koch Institute or the Federal Centre for Health Education.

Stay healthy!

Your atraveo team


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